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YOU are our BASE sustainers and your monthly support makes us leap for joy!
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About DogStar Theater Company

As a theater company--we need an audience! YOU! That is why we are beyond grateful for your support and your appreciation of what we do and who we are!

Without you, we would just be talking to ourselves in a dark, empty room. But WITH you---it's theater! :)

As many of you know and have witnessed, DogStar Theater Company is based on the principles of collaboration, whole-sightedness, and shared inspiration. We carefully select plays that resonate with the times. With these stories, we seek to spark creative conversation, initiate connection within the community, and inspire positive action.

in the power of story to inspire and ignite.
in community and collaboration.

The Dogstar, Sirius, is the brightest star in the sky, used by adventurers and explorers for centuries to guide them. As storytellers and creators, we aim to bring light and truth into the world. We invite you to learn more, take part and join us - as audience member, actor, designer or more; we shine brighter together!
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When we reach $150/month, we will be able to offer one scholarship for each 6-week acting intensive workshop, helping young actors dreams to come true!
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