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Lewis is a professional dog trainer based in Wellington, New Zealand. For the past few years, he has been creating free content and posting videos and articles on his training page:

Hannah is currently studying for her masters of science in clinical animal behaviour whilst running her own business Thinkdog by Hannah Sadgrove:

In order for any creator to grow and produce higher quality content (as opposed to content filmed on a phone resting on whatever is available) funding can really help and is greatly appreciated. 

All pledges will go towards creating higher quality videos and will allow us to spend more time writing articles and responding to questions personally no matter where they come from around the world. 

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One thing we really want to do more of is volunteer our time and help out more with rescue centres. These guys do amazing work and we want to be able to offer help and support to the local rescues that have very little funding and available helping hands. 

Once we hit 100 patrons we will dedicate 1 day a week helping out at a rescue centre and offering to work with the most challenging dogs that are unlikely to find a new home. We will document the work we do in order to help others who are also finding their rescue dog a challenge as well.
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