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First, let's talk about Podcasts:

Podcast edition of Doing a Thing

Doing a Thing videos are commonly around five minutes. The podcast version contains more content than the video includes. If you just can't get enough of Doing a Thing, consider becoming a monthly patron and gain access to the interview via your favorite podcast app.

From Where i Sit
With most episodes averaging 45 minutes in length, "From Where i Sit" picks up where "Doing a Thing" leaves off. The extra time allows myself (Zach Rohrer) to reach deeper into a topic and much farther into a discussion leading to a richer more indepth episode. Only available through subscribing to this Patron account, FWiS is funded by Doing a Thing and can be found on your favorite Podcast app.

10 minute episodes every Monday and Thursday airing at 6:30am. Each episode grabs the top headlines in the news. No opinions or discussions, just ten topics and links to sources. Briefed is not meant to be a full fledged news reporting agency, rather a curator of information for listeners to stay informed in bite sized podcasts

Doing a Thing | #DAT #DATShow

Doing a Thing is about learning and growing from each other through powerful short stories. Hosted by myself, Zach Rohrer, the show invites guests from many backgrounds to sit down and tell a story from their personal lives. These stories range from uplifting and feel good to challenging and thought provoking. Through this Patreon my goal every month is to raise the funds necessary to grow this show in to a widely watched and respected production. As the creator and host I feel a strong responsibility to seek out compelling stories from everyday living, with journalistic integrity and creative tact.

A Stepping Stone; a Boulder in The Sand
Doing a Thing is foundation for my creative ambitions that I plan to pursue in the coming years. If I am able to earn enough through this Patreon, the byproduct of this success would be funding my production company allowing me to create my own streaming service and fill it with licensed and original content with heavy emphasis on original content. I consider it my "life's work" to be able to create a streaming service and run a successful production company. I currently have three television series concepts that I am incubating along with a couple movies I am kicking around. A new streaming service is also good news for independent content creators as I will be seeking out fresh ideas.

Today's Content Brought to You Through Grassroots
This is the part where I thank you, but I don't want to be sappy or patronizing about it. I am a creative, self titled. I have known since I was a child that I wanted to create and that I wanted to create for the film and television industry. I really don't have many interests in any other profession. That being said, it is because of you, the patrons, that I am able to pursue my passions in creating and entertaining. From the bottom of my soul, thank you for taking this chance supporting my work in the present and the future. I carry this opportunity with great humility and responsibility.
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• This goal allows me to no longer need a day job so I can focus on the requirements of running a consistent production of D.A.T., F.W.I.S., and Briefed.

• "Doing a Thing"
   1 Episode a week

• "From Where I sit"
   1 Episode a week

• "Briefed"
   2 Episodes a week
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