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is creating a fun, open and relaxed gaming community
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2500 Mutton, woohoo!
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3 admin paint jobs to any dinos- excluding the Malin tier, it doesn't let us pain those :[. This also includes the 2500 mutton
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High armored saddle
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High armored ascendant saddle of your choice- excluding Tek saddles. This also includes the 3 admin paint jobs and 2500 mutton
Includes Discord benefits



About Dominus Gaming

Hello, we are Dominus Gaming and we are a new gaming community that is hoping to grow WITH its users. 
We are currently playing Ark Survival Evolved, with a bit of PUBG and Escape from Tarkov.
We have 2 servers on Ark, a PVE and PVP. We are hoping to open more servers but plan on doing so together as a community. 

Why Patreon?
Dominus Gaming is a hobby for all of us. We genuinely enjoy playing video games with other people and meeting new people. Pledges from Patreon will go towards maintaining the servers we are running so that we can continue to do just that.
Again, we are just starting out but we do hope to have a large enough community some day that we will be able use the Patreon donations towards opening other servers on different games and stuff like real life give aways, but lets face it, we are a bit of a ways away from this, haha.

And hey! You don't have to donate to support us! Just joining the community and playing with us is great and makes us feel like that the time we are putting into this community is worth while. 

So what's in it for you?
With the pledges we are currently only offering stuff on the game Ark Survival evolved.
Keep in mind that this is a monthly re-occurrence, so items listed will be given every month so long as your pledge is active. 

Patreons who pledge $1 Dollar will get a 2500 mutton every month

Patreons who pledge $5 Dollars will get 3 admin dino paint jobs as well as the 2500 stack of mutton 

Patreons who pledge $10 Dollars will get an high armored ascendant saddle of your choice as well as the 3 admin dino paint jobs and the 2500 stack of mutton

Patreons who pledge $15 Dollars will get the mutton, dino paint jobs, and max saddle as well as the following; a max tame dino of choice within the Alpha tier, Toxic tier, Fabled tier, Malin tier, or Buffoon tier and an insurance policy to all your dinos up to 3 times a month- this means if anyone of your dinos die you could use the insurance to bring back said dino.

0 of 25 patrons
Once we reach 25 patrons then we will be doing a drawing to do a real life give away of a headset, keyboard or mouse!
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