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Kirby does a powerful somersault in midair which does 12% damage and whoops different description x) choose to Pledge $1 or more per month (click the reward button below to get started!)
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You with your name will be credited at the end of my video
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Ha get it a Kirby stage..  o3o

Its always hard either starting out or not being heard out enough with your content so with a twist Along with your name il add your preferred choice of link to your Youtube, Twitter or Twitch (+ other stream platform) at the end of the video or maybe featured at the start. Il be sure to also share it.




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Why Patreon? Where you can help support my content with payment of equipment,  travel/ tournaments, products etc You can decide how much you pledge, how long and how often you pay. 

Content? I mainly use Twitch to Stream but I can use both platforms simultaneously I mainly play Smash 4 competitively with a certain pinkpuff along with Pokken Tournament, Splatoon and more of that intrests me or to try. 

Why me? I do want to do this a lot more although main source of income has been from work as it took a long while getting everything set. as atm my situation I live with a parent so my time is limited lack of privacy at some point want to move out when that happens my time will significantly decrease. I do get low moods sad even but il do my best to persevere through this For me this is a dream to do this every day and be able to focus freely.

I cannot live without picking up a controller or go a day without gaming As small as it is now which I hope to grow If you can spare some time to see/ support my content would be very grateful.

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