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About Dontain

‘Sup everybody, Dontain!

So, why are you here reading this junk? It's simple! You guys are smart. You know that making content requires funding. I make videos that you enjoy, but I need your help to continue working towards my goals. I've put together a few answers to some questions you may have about Patreon and how it helps me out.

I've been making entertaining videos since 2009 and have had the great pleasure of working on my videos as my full-time job from 2010 to 2013.

The current YouTube system is a poorly designed mess where only the mega-popular can find success and the smaller channels like mine take a back in the TRUNK. I've even had to take long breaks from producing recently to make ends meet. That all changes today!

I've found myself a sponsor! YOU!

Becoming a patron of my work allows you to fund future projects and help shape my success as an entertainer. You are more than just a number in a broken system to me. You're my biggest inspiration to do what I do. Giving you the power to be a direct impact on the quality of my content, and on my life is one of, if not the most important decisions I have ever make.

Let me be CLEAR!

I am not charging you for new content. I will continue to put up new videos as often as I can even if you do not contribute to my Patreon. However, pledges directly affect my ability to put out more content more often and in different forms. You don't know how much it means to me that you would support what I do, and the future success of what I've started.

Why should I pledge?

When you pledge to my Patreon campaign you have the ability to directly affect the success of something that you enjoy. You’ll have access to additional content through perks and will be the biggest part in achieving my goals (the milestones to the left).

Whats the difference between this and a donate button?

There is a world of difference. Through Patreon I can see you supporting me every month and I can keep in contact with you directly through my Patreon page. Of course you can donate as you may have in the past but, I’d encourage you to do so through Patreon so I can give a little back for your support. I’ll be able to see how much you've pledged and how long you've been supporting me. We stay in contact with each other through Patreon and THAT is awesome. The perks are a big reason as well.

Dose this really help you Dontain?

Yes indeed! Every month Patreon pays me your pledge. That money goes to work immediately. This allows me to spend time working on technique, learning new things, upgrading hardware, repairing my computer, purchasing new games, and more! This directly affects the quality of future content and what I’m able to do outside of my restrictions.

Thanks for Reading!

Yes, thank you. Even if you're considering a pledge it’s very appreciated. I’ll see you in the next video or live stream. GET CRIT!!! GRAWWW!!!!
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Yep, I have a wonderful companion named Nani and keeping her belly full takes a lot of stress off my mind.
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