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As it stands, I haven't expanded my content out to anything beyond twitch. That might change in the future, but I kinda hate barring anything to people who pay me X amount of dollars.

So what does this dollar do for me? Right now, it's going straight back into the stream. I still got equipment to purchase, as well as new game releases and (eventually) new computer hardware.

My primary goal is building a more professional looking, and sounding, video game stream.




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I am an autistic trans woman with a college degree and a lot of spare time. Now, this spare time isn't voluntary. Within me are enough collective brain problems to prevent me from seeking regular employment.

In all my time not working, and not leaving the house, I had come to depend on youtubers and twitch streamers to make the time pass; to help me not feel as lonely in my relative isolation.Their cheer kept me going when times were at their worst.

So, I now find myself in a position to pay it forward. I have a drive to make a space for folk to just relax, and watch or listen to me be absolutely terrible at video games. It's a space I try to make safe for all the folk regularly stomped on by the world as it is.

We do live in world that is honestly pretty awful to a LOT of people. People of color, trans folk, the disabled... it's a much bigger list than this. This channel is for all of you - a corner of the internet that you don't have to watch your back as closely. I make 100% make mistakes, but at least you wont see me defending the use of the N-word or delivering some hot take on talking to women who aren't my partner while playing a trash tier video game. 

I've long believed that I am always as good as the folk I'm surrounded by, and I think the same holds true about who watches and participates in my channel. In other words: I hope you can come here, and help me create a tiny community on this here corner of the internet. 

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