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About Đoogsïe

I would like to share with you, and inspire you with, the best of my Spacey Sunsets ongoing photographic collection.

Featuring my favourites of the most atmospheric clouds, colourful sunsets, ever so slightly enhanced for contrast, colour and otherwordly effect.

My work is based in Melbourne, Australia and I hope it gives you some kind of WOW!

And, if you feel inspired to create your own Patreon page to show your arts, please use my referral invite! - https://patreon.com/invite/lqmrjd

 - Đoogsïe.
$2 of $15 per Spacey Sunset Photo
I need a new shower caddy. Really.
Shiny metal ones always rust and are either too big for the soap or too small for the shampoo.
With my photos and your help, I can treat myself to something that doesn't interfere with my bath taps!
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