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Anyone who donates this much will be Credited and Mentioned at the end credits for every future videos that I make and get to see a Patreon exclusive extended 5 Minute preview/clip of my next video/Comic Drama, and you'll see the full finished video exclusively on my Patreon Page 1 week early before I upload them to Youtube.
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(Only 5 People at a time) Now this one's a bit special, You'll get the above reward, but also I'll take any requests of any short/mini Comic Dub whether it be 1 page to 5 pages, Anything you want just name it and I'll do it. :D It kinda like a mini commission.
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(Only 3 People total At a Time) Now this one's really special, but only for those who really wants me to do a Comic Drama of a full comic book that they want me to dub. You'll get both the rewards from above and also I'll take any requests on a full length Comic Book. Whether it be from Archie Sonic, Mega-Man, Sonic Boom, Marvel, DC, IDW Publishing, etc...You name it anything you want me to adapt into a Comic Drama and I'll do it. :D Yes, this one's like a full commission.




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About Cameron

Hey everyone! Doomarang3 here and welcome to my Patreon page! :) I think it's time for me to start a Patreon Account and Hopefully this might help me to be alot more active on Youtube (And or Dailymotion) Because I'm sick and tired of my Grocery store job at Krogers. And who knows if this turns out well I might just quit Krogers and that way I'll have alot more free time to make more videos & content for you guys, because I was disappointed last year ago (The whole year of 2015) when I made very few videos on Youtube in comparison to 2014 before I had a job at Krogers. I want to make more content for you guys whether it be Comic Dramas, Top 10 Lists, Discussion Videos, Fan-Dubs, Parody Videos, More Voice Demo Reels, Comic Dubs/Shorts, Review Videos, etc... And I might be able to pay for better editing software to up the production values and quality of my videos. 

So if you Guy/Gals out there really love the content of what I do on my Youtube Channel and want to help support me and my vids, please make a little donation. I would really appreciate it. :) Thanks for your support!
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I want to upgrade my production values with much better equipment and give you guys (And I mean all of you) what you want. More content on my Youtube channel and get it done at a much faster pace.
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