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About DotaCandies


★ DotaCandies since 2014 on FacebookYouTubeTwitterSteamWebsite etc.
★ On Facebook, we are uploading just the best Dota 2 SFM/Cartoon/Meme-Videos from different Creators to honor them. It's a fact, that many of these creators aren't producing any more Dota videos. From time to time, we upload self created Dota content as well. Furthermore, we will use Facebook-Live for Pro Dota 2 Streams and Events in the future.
★ On YouTube, we uploaded/created over 1500 short- and full Gameplay-Videos from the best Dota Pro Players in the world.
★★★ Patrons can help DotaCandies to start Events & big Giveaways ★★★

✪ Paul Candies, CEO/Creator:

 "Your support means everything to me and my communities, thanks a lot! Watching videos, sharing content or becoming a Patron. Just thank you guys."

★ There will be more and more Dota 2 content in the future:
    ● Streams
      ● Tournaments
        ● Giveaways
★ The more support we get, the more content our fans receive!
★ Every single $ helps :3
So, big thanks to everyone who wants to support DotaCandies as a Patron!

Credits to chroneco, for this wonderful Dota 2 Stickers :3

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