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New Patreon, who this?

Hey-o! I'm Dan Russell, gaming and philosophy enthusiast making a podcast and video game streams to help you become a better gamer! I grew up in Canada and spent the majority of cold Canadian winters at home playing games with my friends and family. 
I've devoted 1000's of hours of my life to a variety of games and I truly believe that they are perhaps one of the greatest things this world has to offer. Everything from Go-Fish to World of Warcraft.

What do you do?

At Double Double Strike I am:
Dedicated to creating a community of players who aspire to be better persons as well as better gamers.

To complete this mission I create a podcast series as well as Twitch streams in which I attempt to help educate my audience about how they can become a better competitive gamer. My content is focused on educating players about philosophical concepts or strategies that will give them a better chance at success in their gaming.

All of my content is and always will be FREE to access.

When do you release content?

release a new podcast episode every Monday (Technical issues aside). I also have a TwitterInstagram and Facebook page which I regularly update with new content. 

Why is this important to you?

Video Games and board games are my favourite past-time and as a member of the LGBT community (a gay male) I have always been saddened by how exclusive the gaming community can be. My hope is that by being a proud voice of my LGBT community that I can help make powerful changes within gaming culture.

Why Donate?

Firstly, thank you so much for considering donating. Your donations allow me to do something that I am incredibly passionate about. By becoming a patron you allow me to continue working my dream job. 

Second, I am continuously looking for opportunities to increase the quality of what I produce. From equipment to software to education; I am looking for ways that you the audience can have an even better experience and the funds I receive from patrons go directly towards those goals. 

Third, even though all Double Double Strike content is and always will be FREE , patreons allow the project to remain financially viable which allows me to continue making weekly content. 

Thank You! 

No! Thank You! Even if you are unable to donate your support in my project means an incredible amount to me. Thank you!
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Equipment Update - I can update my equipment including a green screen, video camera update, and a better computer.
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