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Welcome to Double Sleeved! 
We are a group of Magic the Gathering players (Tyler, Duncan, Will, and Tony)  that are bringing you, other magic players, latest sets reviews, card updates, Grand Prix/Open events/professional events, format constructions, deck techs, and fun games of magic with various deck types! Our content will be uploaded via our channel on YouTube channel as often as physically possible. 

We ask for your support in our journey to help bring everyone the latest information and set releases as Wizards of the Coast makes them available! All with some good laughs and cardboard slinging along the way. Possible some cardboard snacks as well!!
So double sleeve those decks, roll out your mat, and high roll for first, Cause it’s about to be a fun game for everyone at the table!
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Our first 50 subscribers! We’re going somewhere and people seem to enjoy the content we’re creating. Soread the word more, subscriber become a patron, and watch Ian improve our content even more! And possibly more expensive card or do for Will to eat as well :D
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