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5 Pages preview of any upcoming Manga. We would send you a .zip file with a 5 pages preview of the Manga of your choice before we even publish it!
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We are a group of 5 friends from Guatemala  that loves animation , manga , comic and art in general. We decided to start this project to share our stories and talent with the world, in hopes of creating an industry in our country or at least set the bases for one. Anyone is free to look at our work and read the Manga we make and we won't plan to charge anyone for it. Our dream is to become professional Mangaka, share what we have learned and be able to work on what we are truly passionate about.

We try to merge the best sides of the Traditional and Digital techniques, by sketching and inking manually and adding  some digital effects  we have created 4 Manga so far and we plan to release as many chapters of them as we can. 

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We are fairly new and we started using the free blog platform by Google "Blogger", but  there is not much we can do on it. Once we reach the goal we plan to get a more professional website, with friendlier user interface and that fully supports Manga/Comic reading functions.
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