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About Alice Reese Thomas

H-Hi, I-I'm Alice, I'm a transgender girl living in the UK. I find being normal difficult due to suffering from schizophrenia but I want to be able to support myself and my girlfriend without needing handouts. Ever since I was little I loved to create things but I've never really shared them too much because I don't know if the things I make, and by extension myself is something anyone would support.

But I'm not letting fear and doubt rule my life anymore, life's too short for that, ne?

I'm hoping to get support here to make the content I love and more importantly for people to be able to enjoy what I make. If it wasn't for the horrible thing of having to adult to survive I'd just do it for free but I don't think anyone would let me get out of having to adult sadly ^^

As for what I make, I make all kinds of random stuff, I draw (badly ^^), make various games, both card, board and a little digital, I write stories set in worlds that I don't see many people even look to try and make (I'm very influenced by anime and the like rather than more gritty western fantasy and stuff) I really want to get into animation too!

I'm sorry there's not a picture of me or a video, but I'm too scared to put them there yet, I would like to make a regular youtube series featuring the mascot I'm designing for myself where I detail what I'm working on. So that would be cool, right?

All in all, I'm just a girl lost in a world that doesn't have a place for me so I want to carve out my little slice of home and make it my own ^^

EDIT: I'm also streaming me playing video game too now!

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