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With this, you can earn your way up the ladder to fame and glory--well, no. You might not survive--considering we give the new Patients to Ulrof for screening...

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Wow... You come here more than the recommended returns! ... Huh? Oh, you've... made a friend in the Insanies Ward? Uh... Who? Oh! ... Oh no...




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About Dr. Cringiest

 Greetings, My Patients. I am Dr. Cringiest, possibly psychotic--but hey, you don't judge me and I don't give you an overdose on morphine--Yea? Good. I create video content for Youtube and I usually work with others, like Ulrof, Kazuka & the Director. I am a pretty nice guy when you ease into the Clinic. So come and join us for some... fun times. We love new Patients~ 
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The money helps us provide better quality and helps us pay for any... unwanted dead bodies that need to be hidden... $100 for each of us. -Dr. C
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