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At the end of March 2017 my first book is coming out "Three Steps to Thriving from Surviving", ($12.99 value) and as a patron I will ship you a complimentary book handsigned to start your life off in a new direction!
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About Dr Daviyd Peterson

Each persons "why" is uniquely different, and yet we yearn for a lot on things in common. We yearn for peace of mind, financial freedom, a better job, a better relationship with our loved ones and while these are common for a large number of people, what makes each of us extraordinary is the unlimited potential we have inside to "thrive".

Flowers in the field for example roses, are a lot in common and yet the each have a uniqueness that make each petal an extraordinary part of creation. Flowers always "thrive", from the time the seed is planted and the only time it turns to survival mode is if it's life is threatened by drought or some other challenge...but guess what as soon as it receives everything it needs, it begins "thriving" again!

Thriveologism is the sustained method of changing our inner selves to reflect the outer vibrations around us which is always "thriving"!

Each week I will upload new videos to share with our global audience to get to a new pathway inside our consciousness and I invite you to join us to renew your mind and the environment around you!

These Thriveologism videos will be available every week, voluntarily. However the substantial time and financial resources to keep it going are a challenge you can help to divide. By adding the value of these Thriveologism video resource that's helping you, Patreon gives you a way to support me and the Thriveologism videos in whatever amount you wish. I would appreciate your support for as little as $5. You can support per episode, or monthly and we can all watch our worlds "thrive" together.

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Our Legacy Builders Program (introductoty price $275) is an exclusive 6 week intensive workshop I provide to prepare those who qualify to become history makers in the passion they are prepared to dedicate their lives to accomplishing!
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