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::Main Project::
Lords of Slaughter Trilogy

::Other Projects You'll See From Me (mainly in the future)::

- D.I.Y (such as: armour making, weapon making, sculpturing, etc...)
- Maybe program some games  (don't expect anything professionally fantastic)

Hey There!

I'm Dragerous or you can call me 'Drage' for short.
I'm a self taught animator and artist, working on my life long passion "Lords of Slaughter" which is a Trilogy. I plan to study at a university to become a professional animator!

Lords of Slaughter was created ever since I was 11 years old but it never became an actual story I'd be working on until I was 12 years old. Lords of Slaughter started as just a test story, I had other stories I wanted to do in which Lords of Slaughter was just a story with a vague plot and a way of me getting used to animating, drawing backgrounds, shot angles, gathering VAs, basically a path for me to improve and make better plot lines for my other animation series. However, through the years of working with Lords of Slaughter, not only had I improved and found my style but Lords of Slaughter has grown alongside me through these years. I grew so attached to the characters I created and the story had also grew to be something a lot more than it started off with. Lords of Slaughter is still growing and it's become my life long passion. Only a few months ago, coming to the end of 2018, I had completely got rid of the other stories I wanted to do after Lords of Slaughter so I can focus on something that had grown alongside me and grown so attached too.

I may not have a lot concept art or animations for Lords of Slaughter, but after years of planning the main story line for the whole Trilogy and creating a whole world for my characters to live in, I want this to become a reality. I want to share this story and this world to entertain people and maybe even inspire people. It would give me absolute joy and gratitude I wouldn't be able to express.

What are the Benefits of supporting me?
Animation takes a lot of time, it's not easy. You will have to require so much patience and prepare to have the project take up most of your time. However, just like everyone else, I need to make a living, complete my exams to get into university and plan my future job. It may sound simple but just those few points, they take up most of the day, which means there will only be a couple of hours in animating my own project until I have to prepare for the next day. With your help and support, I would be able to spend more time dedicating myself in animating Lords of Slaughter and making my life long dream a reality.

What other Benefits will you get for supporting me?
This all varies depending on what tier you are on.

There are some benefits such as:
WIPs - Work in Progress with MAP Parts and other animations
Sneak Peaks Content -  rather drawing or animation sneak peaks of Lords of Slaughter episodes
Discounts on commissions - this will be further discussed as it varies depending on what you want me to do
Raffles - You will be added into raffles, where you get a chance for free art of whatever from me (not NSFW)
Wallpaper - Wallpaper/Concept Art from Lords of Slaughter
Rewards - A free art reward for your support
And more!

:::I will add further detail about Lords of Slaughter in the future:::

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A good starting goal.

(This will increase further as I reach the goals and so will possible special videos when I reach them)
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