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About DragonCut

Enjoyed Dragon Ball Super? 
Got infuriated by the talk on the stands and all the "GOKUUUU" screams by Krillin?
Want to only watch the epic fighting scenes without being interrupted by Ribrianne talking about love every 5 seconds?
This project is for you. 
Project DragonCut is a project that aims to remove all unnecessary scenes in the Tournament of Power in the anime Dragon Ball Super, without affecting the enjoyment of the fights.
The project will start by editing single episodes, then we will join them together to transform the Tournament of Power to a full featured movie!
Please take in mind that each episode takes me at least 2 continuous hours to make, in order to make the episode as smooth and professional as possible. 
Thank you a lot for the support! It means a lot!
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I will release an episode whenever I have free time.
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