Dragon's Flame Art

is creating 3D resin art & polyhedral dice
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About Dragon's Flame Art

Hello, and welcome to my new creative space! Allow me to introduce myself.

I work full time in environmental science, but I've always had a creative spirit. Writing, photography, ceramics, drawing - I've tried my hand at all of them to varying degrees of enjoyment for myself and my family. Recently I've developed a fascination with resin casting, so I'm looking forward to working on my skills in that.

Fair warning, my genre interests mostly lie in sci-fi, fantasy, anime, and superheros. You might say I'm a stereotypical "nerd". So, you can expect my work to touch upon most of those at one point or another. There might be a few other surprises tucked away here and there, however. 😉

My patreon is pretty bare for now, but I hope to add much more soon. Once I do, I hope you enjoy the ride!