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is creating a Minecraft roleplay server.

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Drake Guilds is an immersive gamemode for minecraft. It features 3 different factions that include different people of different races. These factions are on the brink of a major war. As you get older, the server will also age, forwarding in time slowly so that the war carries out due to your choices. There will also be events and holidays in game which can affect how you play. Oh and don't forget that the maps have different seasons! A skills tree with custom skills will be made, as well as power crystals, custom food and items. (In vanilla) using a custom resource pack in conjuntion with custom plugins to access and utilise some hidden textures. Our amazing developer jonharn has decided to support us on twitch. Without all of our amazing staff coming together and thinking up about this possibly server, none of this could be possible. I would also like to thank Maj for buying the original server for us to start our creation on.
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Finish off custom races and finalise server lore.
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