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I want to connect subconcious thoughts and creative worlds inside the dreams of strangers.

I started Dream Depositary as an attempt at answering these questions:Do all of us visit the same general place when we dream

are each of our dream environments and characters connected somehow?

I think dreams are a natural resource of creative energy and powerful absurdity that people don't know how to harness.
Help me figure out Everything with the dreams you accidentally create and promptly throw away.

It is extremely easy to forget your dreams when you wake up if you aren't used to safekeeping them!
I run this place so it is simple to deposit the contents of your dreams and I'll handle the dirty work.

If you currently have a routine of saving in a private account such as a dream journal, all the more reason to share your past and present discoveries with like-minded folks.
Dream Depositary exists as a place where you know your dreams will be examined thouroughly for leaks
and cracks and hopefully recycled into something meaningful.

You can view my research on the Dream Report. All dreams, I remind you, are completely anonymous in nature.
If you feel like your dream is unimportant please DEPOSIT IT right away. I collect dreams down to a D grade.

I discuss, safegaurd and report on: dreams, nightmares, daymares, daydreams, visual hallucinations, lofty goals, shadow people, lucid dreaming,
almost falling asleep and feeling like you're dropping, dream paralysis, other worlds, alternate realities and the collective unconcious.

I believe by contributing otherwise discarded and underappreciated dreams we can
learn a lot about sleep on a hobbyist level and review together how it connects us to Another Side.
I hope that by gathering a very loose volunteer base and keeping contributions anonymous
we can all have educational and creative fun while voyeristically peeking into the hivemind, dear dreamer.

Even if your dream or a dream you've heard is boring, disjointed or broken, I will admire it lovingly and polish or patch it up to the best of my ability.Feel free to deposit your brain fragments and I will feel free to sort through and report my findings.
Please refer all regular and irregular users of sleep to DreamDepositary.com !

$0 of $1 per month
i run the Dream Depositary just because i enjoy sharing mine / other people's Dreams with the world
i hope we can all meaningfully collect and manage and imagine the Astral Possibilities
if i never make a dollar from it i'll still valiantly run it
i publish all content for free
if you appreciate it and are financially stable, feel free to donate
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