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You will get your name in the credits of future machinima of mine.

I will also come to this Patreon page and ask for suggestions for my improv games for Mr Smite’s Improv and any suggestions I choose will get a mention my future machinimated shows or live shows.
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You'll get access to my patron-only feed AND early access to videos I upload.

Every month, I'll have a Patreon-live chat and Q and A with all of you awesome $3+ patrons. Help give me ideas on how I can improve my channel and what rewards you would like to see on a rotating basis. Ask me anything from WoW and gaming to machinima, even autism.

Custom thumbnails I make for any of my videos will be available for download through Patreon.

Access to all the previous rewards as listed.  
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Would you like to have a spoken line in one of my upcoming machinimas or be featured as Mr. Smite in an improv?

Your choice of either:

One spoken line for one machinima.

OR be featured as Mr Smite in a machinimated episode of my animated version of Mr Smite.

***I reserve the right to reject any line given to me, if I feel like it detracts from my channel. Also, I reserve the right to dress machinimated models in a way that I feel bests represents them.***

Access to the previous rewards as listed.




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The Introduction

Greetings friends, I am Ethan Dayton and Dreyfus Xano.

I am a Mormon(LDS), gamer, and I am on the autism spectrum.  I tend to look at the world in a very unique way.  As I grew up, I grew up with a controller in my hands. While I had some friends growing up, most of my time was spent getting to know certain video game heroes of the past.

In time, I would find the game World of Warcraft and learn so much from playing a game that continued to evolve as I grew up.  What first was an addiction grew into a passion, and what became a passion became a voice for me and a way for me to fully express myself.

After some time, I discovered a passion for improvisation, or creating comedy on the spot from seeing shows like Whose Line is it Anyways? and learning from the comedy group, Comedysportz.  This and World of Warcraft helped inspire me to create my improv show, Mr. Smite's Improv.

The Patreon

As I began improvising, my show began growing and I eventually found some others to improvise along with me.  It had dawned on me, that I could turn this from a hobby into an actual profession.  Which brings us to this Patreon.

I realize that this project of mine is not going to be immediately successful, I have a lot of hard work ahead of me.  That said, I am a bit of a dreamer.  100s of ideas run through my head that I want to get out onto my screen.  So, I am separating this project into three phases.

The "Don't Quit Your Day Job" Tier $1000 a month

I chose this name for a reason.  It will be super apparent that if this never works, I will never get past this tier.  This tier will help offset my bills and rent, but it will still require me to do my full time job.  I will dedicate as much time as I can to this but my full time job with still HAVE to come first.  This project will still be a budding hobby.

The "Now We're Getting Somewhere" Tier $2000 a month

From this tier, this would allow me to consider maybe making my full time job a part time job and would allow me more time for additional editing, additional learning, creating more projects etc.  The majority of my bills and rent could be covered but I would still need a job.

The "Honed Maintenance" Tier $3000 a month

If I was to hit this tier, I could consider this project of mine my full time job.  I would be able to devote all of my innovative and creative energies into creating something epic, funny, and every other amazing word I could think up.  This would allow me to be my own boss.

The "Fantasies and Continued Innovation" Tier

Now here is where the imagination really flies, if I can somehow hit this tier, this would allow me to search out and find other creators on the autism spectrum and possibly build up my own network.  I want to be able to donate money to other creators that have inspired me, even donate some money to the creator of the WoW Model Viewer.

I would also love to travel around a bit, and go to a Blizzcon or become a mentor to anyone on the autism spectrum.  I want to be able to show people the good they can do because of what I have done.
$0 of $1,000 per month
The "Don't Quit Your Day Job" Tier

I realize that this project of mine is not going to be instantly successful and I want to make sure that I am always offering quality content.  This tier will allow me to supplement my income and help me out with my rent and a few bills.  This will assist me in building up a nest egg at first and this will also allow me to improve my skills so that I can continue to improve and better the content I provide.  This would only continue to be a part time hobby for me and I will still need a job to keep me afloat.

***If I can reach this tier, as a way of saying thanks, I will host an all day gaming stream which will include some giveaways inside of World of Warcraft on Wyrmrest Accord at a later time.***
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 5 exclusive posts
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