is creating Art, accessories using taxidermy, photographs and more
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About Drusil

Hi! My name is Constanza and I live in Argentina. I graduated in Fine Arts from the Universidad de Cordoba, and my current artistic interests revolve around the creation of accessories made from natural materials. I am also involved in photography, drawing, sketching, painting, writing, and acting.

Proceeds from this Patreon campaign will be used to complete a series of accessories that I plan to show in local and regional museums, and to finance collaborative efforts with other local artists. Support for the Arts is difficult to come by in this country, so your contribution will fill a great void and will be greatly appreciated!

Thank you very much for supporting my projects!

(In my projects of taxidermy no animal was injured or harm in any way, all the bodies I find them in my city or was given by friends).

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Benefits: In order to be able to expose my accessories, I need to buy frames and elements that will allow me to produce an art gallery level piece.
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