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It really means a lot when someone buys a set I made, but people giving their money directly to me means much more.  Any contribution is amazing, thank you.  

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You are now the coolest person I know.Add me on Steam and I'll play a game or two with you.  Just tell me you're from Patreon!

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You know those people who donated $5?  Chumps I tells ya.  You're the real hero, worth mathematically two times as much as they are.  This is science here, people.




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About Wes Parker

My name's Wes, and I've been a Character Artist in the games industry for over 11 years.  I work currently in the  Steam Workshop with my friend Chemical Alia.  I've got published work in Dota 2, CS:GO, and less recently, Borderlands 2, where I made characters like the Stalkers, Bullymongs, the Sheriff and Tiny Tina!  In Dota, I helped make a chest for TI2, went to TI3 and TI4 to demonstrate the workshop, and work closely with other artists to build cosmetic items for the heroes we all love.  I also make art for pro players, personalities, and occasionally even for myself.  Just recently, I started streaming to try to bring in more of audience and to teach people what I know (if anything =P)

Why should I support you?
The Workshop is a scary place!  Sometimes you get a few things into a game and you're riding high, and sometimes it can be months between anything of yours being available.  It'd be great to have some income that just rolled in regardless on those bad months, and that's why I'm here!  I'd love to continue making art that I love for people who are awesome, and because of that, I need your help.  Please stop into my Twitch, say "Hi", check out my Workshop, see if it's something you'd be interested in helping to continue.
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We've launched!  Hell yeah, thanks guys!  At this level, I'll post our work in progress for the current project every week!  Look for it in your feed :)
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