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About me
My name is Jordan. I am 20 years old from Liverpool, United Kingdom. I like to game a lot and design. I specialize in Graphic Design currently studying at University level. I am also a Games Developer, I run the company DualFuelStudios and I'm the creator and developer of PatientX: Survivalist.

I work really hard when it comes to design and games development. I've invested a lot into the game I am developing and so far it is working out. I love games. Making them is just another reason why I love it as it's becoming mainstream now. The thing I like the most about games development is the community. You guys have great feedback and ideas to share. A lot of developers don't listen to what the community has to offer, and that is bad because most games that do this fail.

Why Patreon?
I started Patreon to gather funds for future things such as; Servers, New Equipment, Development Team Hiring. For as little as $1 you can support me through this. Rewards? Have your input and name in credits in the game. Also depending on how much you will receive other benefits obviously for your generosity. 

 Game Information
PatientX: Survivalist is an online, open-world, post-apocalyptic, survival game proudly powered by Unreal Engine. No one could’ve seen this coming. The crash or the horrific aftermath that ensued. It all started with Hanger 07, the military base in Lochdell. Hanger 07 was a mysterious place, no knew what actually went on in there. That day had started like any other, until the plane crash. People started getting sick, bed-ridden for days until their hearts just stopped. This illness became very common in the first few days after the crash. The government had come and told everyone to evacuate but it was already too late. Those that hearts had stopped were up and moving again, but they were no longer people. These things were grotesque and deformed, no one knew what had happened to them. These monsters were extremely hostile and showed no scrap of humanity as they ripped into their victims. The people attacked by the monsters then became the monsters. The government tried to stop them but there were too many and were eventually overrun. A year after the event, there are still survivors living in Lochdell, somehow immune to the virus. Don’t be quick to trust them, they are bandits and murderers. This is a man eat man world. To make it, you must forge your own path.
$0 of $500 per month
This will pay for equipment needs, servers, future developers and much more.
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