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You'll get a shoutout at the end of my videos for your pledged  month! For more produced videos, this will be in a vocal thanks, for quicker to the mill videos such as news updates or lets plays it'll be included in a quick credit scroll.

((Shoutout Cutoff is the 27th of the month, after which you'll be credited in next month's videos))

I will write you a thankyou sign with a unique scribble of a butt next to it. Maybe it's farting. Who knows. This tier is for all donations of $1.00 upward.
Includes Discord benefits
Limited (10 of 10 remaining)
per DDG Review
You will receive a small sketch, of a subject of your choice (within reason)
Limited (7 of 7 remaining)
per DDG Review
You will receive a drawing with full linework and flat/simple gradient colouring, of a subject of your choice (within reason)




per DDG Review


Why do I need the money?
I try my best to put as much energy and professial uniformity into my videos as possible, and I need your help to keep that a reality!
As much as I'd like to not ask anyone anything, the reality is nothing is free, especially when it's hard work. I used to make enough off of adsense to justify the time I put in, but with a drop in activity and increasing production necessities (game costs, tech restrictions etc) I haven't been able to realistically maintain that standard as often as me or my audience would like.

If you'd like to help out, I can't thank you enough. If not, I completely understand.

What makes me different than any other budding Creator?

I'll never hold myself above you as channel creator. Everyone in the community has a voice, and I make myself present and available to as many people as I can. If I see anyone being beaten down by others in comments, I'll jump in myself to sort the situation.

Since when do small channels get to make patreons?

Well,if you think about it,the smaller channels need this more to cover production costs and life costs. We can't rely off of the pittance shared through YouTube ads, where as bigger creators can make as much as $4k on individual videos. It's kinda like buying from an independent grocer. Sure the apples are smelly, but they're smelly in an earnest way.

What do you get out of it?

A dollar will get you a read shout out at the end of core produced videos (anything not an update or a let's play) and for the non-core-produced videos your name will be included an end video text crawl.

For the commissions, $5 will get you a custom sketch, either scanned and sent or drawn digitally.

$10 will get you a custom piece of art, fully lined with either flat or gradient colours, depending on what suits best.

$15 will get you a fully shaded drawing, with full linework as well.

All commissions are custom within reason, limited to one subject or character, and minimal to no backgrounds (wish I could draw backgrounds, I could add another tier onto this lmao)
$5 of $20 per DDG Review
Monthly Goal

I keep ads disabled for my channel publicly as long as this tier is hit.

NOTE: I will raise and lower this goal in account with my traffic to compensate for potential lost earnings with channel popularity increase.

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