is creating Traditional Art - Sketching, Watercolor, Acrylics, Washi Paper

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A tip for me to help me out. Access to voting on art and topics which I appreciate a great deal.

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Hello and thank you for supporting me. Every dollar spent directly helps me survive. I will be posting art, sketches, progress, and more!  For now stickers and original art are the rewards for pledges, but in the future I hope to add special commission slots, and if there is enough interest tutorials and videos on using traditional media.  I make a lot of mistakes so if you want it as content I can post videos on how to fix mistakes made with traditional media upon request!  I would like to also use this platform to donate to reputable wildlife charities and animal rescues.  Help me, help others, and I hope together we can make an impact, even if it's small.
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With this goal I hope to do reviews of traditional art materials and tutrials with traditional art.
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