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About Duelist

Hi, I’m Mike Beliveau, though on the YouTube I’m better known as Duelist1954, or just Duelist. For the last 30 years, I’ve been a writer specializing in historical firearms.

Currently, I’m the black powder editor for “Guns of the Old West” magazine, and I write feature articles for a number of other historical firearms oriented periodicals, including “American Frontiersman” and “Muzzleloader” magazines. In addition to those magazines, I have been the reloading columnist for “Combat Handguns”. Over the years I have written numerous articles about modern firearms, but historical arms are my real passion.

My channel on YouTube is Unique. It looks at all aspects of firearms, especially black powder firing firearms. I examine the history of the arms, as well as lots of actual shooting, disassembly, cleaning and gunsmithing.

I think I’m the only channel that runs series on the start to finish process of building muzzleloading rifles and pistols.

And I take you along to muzzleloading and living history events like the Fort Frederick 18th Century Market Fair, and the annual Contemporary Longrifle Association show.

How will I use your patronage?

Creating high quality firearms videos is an expensive endeavor. A few years ago I purchased a property in the forest and constructed a private range specifically to record shooting videos the way you like to see them made.

The range, called “Duelist’s Den” has three separate firing areas and it has over a dozen steel targets. Your patronage will allow me to maintain the Den as a top notch video venue.

Your support will also allow me to pay for increasingly expensive black powder and lead so I can keep the shooting videos coming, and it will help to offset the cost of travel to continue covering major muzzleloading events.

I'll be posting videos to my YouTube Channel, Duelist1954 and to my Full30.com channel, Duelist. Please check them out. I enjoy getting your comments on my videos.

Thank you for your support.

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