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Every little bit helps! By becoming a Patron, you'll gain access to the private chat of the Masterton Dump Cat's Update Channel. Be prepared for all the cute kitten videos you can watch and heartwarming moments as terrified, starving cats and kittens realize they've found somewhere safe and loved. You'll see the overflow of videos and pictures that the Facebook group just can't handle, as well as real time updates on when we're going out trapping and who we rescue.
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Gotta collect them all! You'll get a wooden Kitty of the Month badge delivered to your door (postage charges apply for rural NZ and overseas delivery). These cute little critters will be voted on each month so you get to decide who gets to be carried about on your jacket or backpack.
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By donating $50 a month, you're covering the food and upkeep of a rescued kitten or cat during their rehabilitation and recovery. You'll have first dibs on naming rights (no profanity please!) and regular updates on the wellbeing of your sponsored kitty. You'll also get the previous reward tiers and the knowledge that you, personally, have made saving this cat's life possible.




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About Dump Cats Masterton

Masterton, New Zealand, was recently declared the most beautiful city in the country. Unfortunately, every city has it's dirty spots... and that's where the Masterton dump comes in. People don't seem to understand that cats aren't rubbish to be thrown away, and the Masterton dump is home to hundreds of abandoned cats. In such conditions starvation, disease and injury run rampant. With your help, we're working together to rehome abandoned cats and kittens and reduce the breeding population. Our goal is a stable, healthy community of cats that will keep the vermin down without breeding or spreading disease.

With your help, and the help of the community, we've trapped and rescued cats and kittens, given desperately needed medical treatment, fed starving cats, turned terrified cats into snuggly balls of love, and spread awareness through the community. There's still a lot to be done, but you're helping us make it happen.
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