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We thank you from the bottom of our heart for listening and supporting us. We couldn't do this without our listeners. Thank you for sharing your time with us!
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At $5 per month, we'll name you as a contributor to the podcast.  You can use that to lord yourself over your friends because you're cooler than them.
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At $10 per month, you get to create an NPC to work into either the Breaking of Tyrill or Everdusk campaign.  You provide a name and a general backstory, we will tweak it with you to make it work within our setting, and in an episode of the podcast, your NPC will make an appearance as either friend or foe.  We will also credit you in the podcast summary as the NPC because, you know, lording.




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Remember D&D;?  Maybe you're like me and you haven't played in years.  Maybe you play right now and you want to devour as much D&D; as you can.  Maybe you've never played before and you want to know what the cool, fun people are doing.

Let's be honest here.  I'm in my mid-30's, have two kids that are both under 3 years old, and work a full-time job.  The days of getting together with my friends around a table, pizza and soda at the ready, to play a 48-hour marathon of Dungeons & Dragons are over.

Or are they?

The answer is no!  That's what Dungeon Mastered is all about.  It's a podcast about reuniting old friends who generally haven't seen each other in 20 years.  It's about rekindling the love for an old game that is drastically different than what we remember.  Mostly, it's about having fun doing something that we love and sharing that genuine experience with you every week.

So why should we contribute to this podcast, you may ask yourself?  I want to be as transparent as I possibly can be.  We are NOT asking you to make us rich.  I'm not asking for money to buy a sweet new vehicle.

The honest-to-goodness truth is that we love doing this.  We love being able to see each other again and do something that we still have a great time doing.  To top that off, we've found that recording a weekly podcast where we share that fun and happiness with you is equally as rewarding.  We want to grow this into something amazing and find ways to do more.

To do that, we need help!  If we can get enough support to afford our hosting and purchase the gear we need, we can start to stretch our boundaries and provide even more content.  With enough support, we'll not only offer podcasts of our gaming sessions but we'll offer actual video of the game on YouTube.  We'll be able to add additional shows for some of our other interests.  We may even be able to open our sessions up to listeners online or through small gatherings in public venues.

In exchange for your support, we will not only continue to bring you the free content that we currently do but bring you more.  From live streaming games to opening up our sessions to visitors, the heart of our podcast is centered around bringing people together over a fun and entertaining game.  We may have started the podcast for us but we love what we're doing because of you and we want you to experience being in the room as much as possible.
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You hate ads.  I hate ads.  No one likes ads, especially when they ruin the flow of a sweet podcast or mar the beauty of a well-built website.  At this milestone, we are able to pay for hosting and registration and can keep everything ad-free.
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