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What's up Durbanians? My name is Durban, and if you're here you've probably come across my YouTube channel filled with movie reviews, ranking videos, trailer reactions and my favorite, Theological Analysis'. The Theological Analysis is my favorite because it's the very heart of my channel and why I started it. Movies are subjective, and often what we get from a movie is the lens from which we view it. I'm a Christian and that's the lens through which I view movies. My goal is never to hit anyone over the head with my beliefs. My goal in coming from a Christian perspective in talking about movies is to build you up and encourage you, and hopefully to remind you are never alone.

What brought me to Patreon? I love what I do! But it is an investment of time, money, and resources. Supporting me here on Patreon will greatly ease the financial burden. But not just that, it will give me the ability to invest more! Better equipment, continued better quality, and the ability to do more outside the studio! I've done videos leaving my studio and going out and actually experiencing things from movies. For "Magnificent Seven"  I went to the shooting range with a Cowboy and shot the same kinds of old west guns featured in the movie. For "Arrival" I drove to the SETI Institute in Northern California to talk to an expert about what would actually happen if we made contact. And lastly, my wife and I got the opportunity to go to New Zealand and film in actual "Lord of the Rings" locations! You're support can truly help me create more videos like these! 

Thank you so much!!

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