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About Niklas/D{EVIL]/Durikke2

Hey My Name is Niklas and I want to create videos as a paid hobby, everything I will create for this Patreon will become available a week after I upload it here for a sneak peek.
Gonna upload gameplay like the video below, I'm also going to review a few products this includes Mice Keyboards Monitors, last but not least Beef Jerky Because it tastes great.
I also build computers, and do a bit of custom painting here and there, if you'd like to see that please donate and leave a comment I'm going to have a few Straw polls to see what you guys want.
$0 of $220 per Video
im going to use more time making videos and i will do some more efferd and i will start uploading free 3d models if you need it suggest it to me when i have reach my goal and say hello to Almost free work and effered
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