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Welcome to my VIP list!! You guys are the truly special ones everything will be yours! With a click of your mouse you will see and know all the good and the bad of being apart of my Dusty Squad!! Please expect:


To me this isn't about raking in all that coin cause my booty is fine this is just a place where I can spam you all and show you my love!

Also I want to send you a love letter because you guys don't know how much this means to me <3



About Dusty Villain

Hiya! My name is Ashley aka Dusty Villain Cosplay and as you can guess I am a cosplayer but I am also a pretty random human. The point of my Patreon is to help show who I am and to get to know all my beautiful followers and to help you be apart of all of this craziness. I don't expect anything from anyone I just want you all to join me on this journey and help me along the way and the simplest way to help is to just comment and say hi!

Thank you to everyone who is here clicking on this little cosplayers page and supporting me you don't understand how much it means! Also I am a photographer so be prepared for a lot of different things that will pop up now and then!

Love Ashley xoxo

p.s Yes at current I have one tier and as it states all I am here for is to bring a group of awesome people together! If you don't want to sign up thats fine by me just spam me on Instagram <3 
If you ever want prints just ask and if you ever want to say hi just message me anytime! I love you all!!!

p.p.s If you sign up let me know what you favourite cosplay of mine is so i can send you a goody bag!

p.p.p.s Monthly giveaways because I love sending care packages! <3
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My goal is to show you how much I love you! yeah soppy I know but this is how I am giving back to you! More shoots and more fun!!
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