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About Dwayne Biddix

Who am I?

Why I'm here.
As an artist, I have been blessed. I have gotten to work for people in so many fields. Comics, with Stabbity Bunny, card games with Good Cop Bad Cop, as a character designer on many properties for animation. Art has brought me so much opportunities, friends, and supporters. And now, I want to take my art to the next step and begin to build my own things. 

While I love working on other people's properties, there is a longing to tell my own stories. Give genesis to my own characters and worlds. I have so many projects in mind I want to build and bring to you, so my ideas can bring you the same joy my other work has produced. 

How can you help?
The simple answer is money. If I can get enough support here, I can take less of the freelance work and be able to give more time to creating art that can excite me and you.

The more who can contribute the more time I can give to my art and the more art I can share with the world!

What will I do with the art?
I am sure you are wondering, what will I actually be doing here? Well there is my plan.

I plan to use this platform to help me build my own entertainment brand that focuses on art. I will be doing things ranging from art books, to character designs, cartoon and book pitches, prints, and much more. Basically I am planning to build a business with my art. Something I can build a life for my fiancee and myself. Something that allows me to be able to fully be the artist I long to be.

What's in it for you?
Well, that depends on you and what you can contribute. You can get something like a heart-felt thanks, to sneak peeks, to videos of my work, to free copies of material I create. The more you can support the dream, the more material goods you get back.

But beyond that, you get to know you are helping make my life, the life of my fiancee, better. You are making it possible for me to bring my art to the world.

So if this is something you want to do (and if you know another who may want to help contribute, please, share this page) decide how much you can contribute per illustration and look at what you can get back as a reward and sign up as my Patreon, today!

Thanks so much.
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We are on our way! This is the foundation of the empire! Once we hit this milestone, I will upload a special thank you video only for you all!
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