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About Dylan Sara

Thank you for visiting my Patreon page and a huge thank you to all of my Patrons for their support. You're helping enable me to do the work that I love!

My name is Dylan. Grown in Australia and ripened in Europe I now reside in Fairytale Germany with my wife and two sons. I was called to Europe by folktales and mythology, by its people and the places they inhabit. My first encounter with the Indian gods was the great Shiva wallhanging at my Australian farewell party, a herald of things to come.

Literally dancing with fire like Shiva Nataraja, I whirled through Europe's dense story-verse. I found old magic and places of power, and in amongst it all rhythmically repeating encounters with mantra, yoga and the divine. I was led into an ever deeper fascination with the living mythology of India, the many gods and goddesses, their attributes and their existence in our own intrinsic nature and daily lives.

I have a vision of sharing a collection of art, illustrations, stories and mantras rooted in a wealth of living history and personal experience, creating a space and participating in an engaged and open community.

For the next few months I'm dedicating my creative time to painting the Face(t)s of Yoga.

Drawing is my most practiced form of meditation. It’s all about learning to see and being aware of light and shadow to describe form. In that play of light and shadow, beauty is born.

Yoga teachers too experience light and shadow - as moments of ecstatic joy and deep gratitude or as moments of impatience, self-doubt and frustration. I can deeply relate with that on my journey as an artist.

This book shows the beauty born out of the churning, reflected in the many faces and facets of yoga. It is a visual meditation on light and shadow accompanied by words of wisdom by each of the teachers portrayed.

Light and shadow are but two notes in an ecstatic song played on the instrument of this body. - Ekabhumi Ellik

This project traces some of my own yogic path. I have approached personal teachers, friends, heroes, and inspirers of Instagram. Some of them have changed my life. Some are famous, some are not, but all divine.

Your support will help me through the painting and publication phase of this project. 

What is Patreon?

Patreon is a platform where people can support creators. If you enjoy my work and would like me to continue creating and sharing the process and and artwork with you this is the place to support me. In return for your patronage you get exclusive access to content, to sketches, personal stories, retelling of myth and who knows what else may come! If you are a first time Patron you can find answers to most of your questions here FAQ. Becoming a Patron is simple and it's easy to adjust your pledge whenever you want.

Sianna Sherman

Martin Elianto

Tie Simpson

Stefan Datt

The following is a list of the participating teachers thus far:

Kira Sara, Alli Shafer, Sianna Sherman, Christopher (Hareesh) Wallis, Sally Kempton, Ekabhumi Ellik, Kai Treude, Ophelie Cabanero, Jenni Kuhlmann, Sudheesh Kumaar, Michelle Byrne, Briohny Smyth, Julie Norman, David G. Williams, Courtney Krishnamurthy, Niko Geo, Martin Elianto, Tanja Mickwitz, Nova and Dustin Brown, Stefan Podolczuk, Liam McConville, Justin and Camacha Wolfer, Tracee Stanley, Estela Jesus, Maria Svalin, Abhijeet Singh, Agnes Theresia Schwermer, Zoe Zephyr, Patrick Beach, Samrat Pasham, Ajay Tokas, Kari Field, Honza and Claudine Lafond, Elisia Young, Claudia Richey, Carrie Hensley, Gabrielle Thil, Annalisa Raghunatha, Sadhana and Keval Pezet, Deanna Deacon, Tie Simpson, Nithya Priyan, Chanti Tacoronte-Perez, Percy Shakti Johannsen, Rebecca Devine, Josh Blau, Elena Lustig, Kristen Watson Geering, Stefan Datt, Sanya Sekhar, Ganga Puri, Jo Tastula, Ashton Szabo, Raghunath Cappo, Koya Webb, Steph Gongora, Andrew Sealy, Jared McCann...

Below is some of my previous work. I look forward to continuing my exploration into myth and the divine beyond Face(t)s of Yoga and hope you'll join me for the journey.

With love

-:   Om Mani Padme Hum   :-

-: Shakti Ink Drawing :-

-: Shiva Ink Drawing :-

-: Om Mane Padme Hum, oil painting :-

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