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Secrets Lie Ahead


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· Hidden plot sketches and comics for The DX Chronicles

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About DyminJay

Hello new patrons and lovely passerby's! Welcome to the Dymin Jay Patreon! My real name is Diamond and I, as an animation student, make comics with my best friend!! The two current comics underway are ELEMENT X and The DX Chronicles! Element X is a joint work with my best bud Shadowkit0 (her dA is here and Webtoons is here) In between those two I draw characters from said stories and a little bit of fan art (Kingdom Hearts, Naruto, Marvel, etc). This will be the place where we will discuss the comics, where it's going and new characters that'll be introduced, before the comic pages are published. Stick around for that! At the moment, the comic Element X is posted on Tapastic, DeviantART, and Webtoons for your viewing pleasure.
The DX Chronicles will be following suit after the first two chapters of Element X.
Check it out here! 
Tapastic: HERE
Webtoons: HERE
Instagram: HERE
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When we reach 100 Patrons, Element X will be pushed to a weekly comic! It takes time to push these pages out but with your help and support, we can give it the time it deserves!
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