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DynamiVox is a small group of vocal synth users, dedicated to providing services, resources, and ideas to the vocal synthesis community. We love creating with users of all levels, and we are always willing to help.

DynamiVox, in addition to its own private projects, offers and handles the following:
  • The VocalSynth.io network
    • Vocalsynth Forum - A Social Forum community for all walks of the vocal synth community.
    • My Vocalsynth - Our community-only Nextcloud instance; offering safe storage and much more to our users! (You log in with your DynamiVox account!)
    • Vocalsynth Audio - An audio sharing platform for everyone to showoff their skills
    • Vocalsynth Wiki - Just the place to find out and write about different types of vocal synths from history.
  • UTAU tutoring services
  • Sample pack production
  • Various disc printing services

Funds from this Patreon would go toward the development and maintenance of all our services, as well as granting us the ability to pursue new and exciting projects for the vocal synth community.

Examples of future projects that we may pursue include:
  • DyVa: A way to easily access and evaluate UTAU voicebanks before you download them.
  • DiRS: A series of standardized recording lists based on multiple languages, designed to be accessible to users of all dialects.
  • VSG: a platform on which community members would have a centralized site to share vocal synth art.
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