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About E2

Hey guys, we are (E2). We are making buildings creators that mostly based on video games and Anime. Along with the projects we do, we will also provide tutorial for certain buildings we make. Some projects will take some months to finish, the tutorials for each project will be vary. Some of the videos will be there only for Patreon members and some also available on our YouTube Channel.For those who are in Patrons, with donation of ($3+), they will have an access to the guide in PDF format for every tutorials guide make. Of course there would be more amazing and spectacular things for those who become our patrons. So! Please take your time to read on the reward section.

Our Story:
So, we both really love making buildings or constructions, unfortunately, we have our college life; we need to divide our time between school and our creation . Also, we need to save money for our own school tuition and materials from our own wallets. We really appreciate any amount of your pledge. With your help, we can acheve our goals and finish our projects. Once we achieve our first few goals, we would create a unique project as our thanks for your support! We will keep improving and challenging ourselves to show you guys that we worth of your pledge.

What you get from becoming our community, you are allow to access content that non-member don't get( e.g. PDF tutorial, full video guide, drawings, doodles, and more)

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We glad that people want to support us! Start your new Journey earn your BRONZE badge!
   -  Thanks for the tip donation, welcome to E2    :D
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   -  Enjoy with the community here xD
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you guys are awesome, thanks thanks for the support!!! :D Level up! IRON badge!
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 - will be tweet out for the next tutorial and incoming project on twitter or here
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  - access into in depth tutorial (PDF format or you guys can request the format you want)
  - Every last video of the month Your name would be show as contributors on the credit section
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SIMPLY, we need to buy coloring tool ;D
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