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About The E4 Mafia

Thank You! no not the guy sitting beside you... YOU! your taking the time to show interest in the E4 Mafia crew!

We are a small group of fairly... whats the word... funny?.. Ehh whatever, we are just guys doing what we can to make your day a little bit better.

We will be creating content specifically for our patrons. including behind the scenes and funny blooper reels, not to mention early insight and project involvement when we start making some of our bigger projects.

I'll even give a sample of what I mean just for landing here. We have a super big project planned for later this summer and would be very happy to find anyone interested to help with some of the story boarding or even voice acting.

So check us out! I promise we don't bite... ok well Murphy might but we usually keep him in a muzzle anyway.
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