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About EABT

What I do is comedic in tone since politics is a depressing topic. Thus I'm essentially portraying a cynic trying not to lose hope. 

I've noticed a pattern when people send me fan-mail: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QaiL6IXBYow

Those who elaborate their 'Thank you' often end up explaining they used to find politics boring, until they discovered my videos. The satirical tone creates interest amongst those who would've otherwise stayed apathic, and the heavy list of sources helps people with debates in real life, allowing for further activism. Others will go so far to say they've developed better grades in school, thanks to the way I present information. 

Sometimes, all this fan-mail is accompanied by a little anecdote of how the person used to be extremely politically correct. So if you ask me, I think my work has value.

Ironically it's a pain in the ass to make my work appear effortless. Writing the script takes numerous days, since I want to gather sources and come up with a thoughtful analysis. Recording the script takes 4-6 hours since what I'm doing is essentially acting, so there's re-takes and experimentation with presentation. Editing takes several days because I like to pay attention to the camera angle, zooms for comedy and contextual emphasis, as well as presenting my sources on-screen so people understand I'm coming from a place of well-meaning. Also, doing subtitles takes 2-5 hours depending on how long the video is.

My channel is one of a kind in Sweden. Only you can decide if I'm offering anything of value to you, or society. YouTube pays very little when you're not mainstream vlog material, so know I highly appreciate even the smallest sums.

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When I reach this goal I can proudly say I earn as much as a janitor. And you can proudly say that you're giving money to an immigrant, so he can eat and pay rent, which renders you immune to accusations of racism.
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