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Who Am I?
E.D. Julien is short for Erika D. Julien, but you may have found my page from one of my online aliases:

Tumblr: Tornainbow(active)
Twitter: EJtornainbow(sporadtic)
AO3: Tornainbow(sporadic)
Instagram: ejtornainbow
Discord: Tornainbow#1077(not active, maybe in the future)
Twitch: EJtornainbow(not active, maybe in the future)

Outside of writing, my day job is being a part-time legal assistant. SUPER FUN. When I am not stuck in an office setting my hobbies include reading, tabletop games, video games (I do stream on twitch), and cuddling up with my wife in the evening.

My Manifesto
I write fiction.
Mostly lesbian fiction.
Mostly genre fiction.
Mostly short stories.
Main protagonists are always female.

Doesn’t float your boat? That’s okay.

What to Expect
I try to stay steady with book reviews with around 2-3 a month. You'll see poetry here and there. Flash fiction will occasionally pop up. These are free, always, and you do not have to be a patron to view these posts.

The books I review are not exclusively lesbian-centric, wlw, or queer stories, but I will comment on how much you can creatively smush the some of the characters together in your head. Do you need an unnecessary amount of characters to ship together, or just need someone to ship with? I'm here for you. This is a safe place for shipping and shippers alike.

As for the writing itself, genres will be all over the place and full of our favorite tropes. Short stories have irregular posting schedules, but I plan to write, edit, and finish anywhere at least one a year depending on how much free time life gives me.

Patreon Rewards
I base my pledge levels on how much you want to donate whenever I post a 5k+ word short story. Check out the different pledge levels in the donation section and the rewards that go along with each one. Choose a pledge level that you’re comfortable with then sit back and enjoy the journey.

Non-Patreon Posts
All book reviews, links to fanfiction, flash fiction, poetry, as well as general updates, polls and their results, posts of musings, and news of upcoming writing are available to everyone.

Original Work
"If you're not reading the stories you want to read, write them yourself."

I began writing because there simply isn't enough published lesbian fiction out there. Avid lesbian readers know this all too well, but it's something any voracious reader will experience in time. You find your favorite niche of stories and you read everything you can. When I discovered that I was a lesbian, that was the very first thing I did. I went online and went to all my local bookstores, and got my hands on whatever books existed. At the time, there wasn't much, and I tore through it pretty quickly.

Most of it was contemporary romance stories with a splattering of fantasy, sci-fi, and paranormal. I loved those books and have read my favorites several times over, but my greatest passion for reading lies in genre fiction: fantasy, science fiction, and paranormal. Outside of the lesbian publications, sci-fi did a pretty good job of having more diverse characters, but the good books were so few and far between. And so damn hard to find sometimes (thank you, Internet!). It was a miracle if they were a main character, or one of the main characters of an ensemble cast.

After that, there are the huge archives of original fiction online (for free, might I add) and endless mountains of fanfiction if you were willing to slog through the terrible stories to find the diamonds in the rough. But eventually that well dries up too.

So, here I am, trying to put a little bit more on the table. I want to write the stories of the amazing female protagonists that I actually wanted to read about when I was growing up.

Not every character is going to be LGBT+. Some of my stories don’t outright spell out that the character is a lesbian, but you can safely assume she is. That’s my norm.

Book Reviews
I'm still reading through books and trying to find the best ones to recommend. There are plenty of novels out there that never mentioned in their summaries that they have a lesbian character hiding in the pages, but someone has to pick those stories up and then take the time to share the experience with everyone else.

I used to work at a bookstore and most of my favorite memories were when anyone looking for LGBT stories came in and had the courage to ask for recommendations. My co-workers always, always pointed them in my direction and I had so many novels and authors I could share with them.

I want to keep sharing.

Fandom Love
Usually, once I finish a book and found that I enjoyed it, I'll see if there's an AO3 or FF.net link. If so, I'll add it to my book review to help connect fans with fanfic communities. Are you a fanfic writer yourself and want more people to ship and share stories with? Recommend me the book or series and why, and I'll put it on my to-read list. You may see a review pop up and one more person to fandom with.
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Thank you video!
At 25 patrons I will record a thank you video! Yay! When it comes down to it, I want to build a community of queer readers and writers. I want this blog to be a safe place to ask questions, challenge your writing, and get more diverse characters out there.
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