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About Elizabeth D Walker

Hiya. My name is E.D. Walker, and I write fun science fiction & fantasy stories (usually with some romance thrown in). You can learn more about my work, with links to my various books, at www.edwalkerauthor.com.

My most popular work right now is The Beauty's Beast Fantasy Series, and I'm planning to use this Patreon to create more work in that world with the occasional stand alone short story as my inspiration and time permits. The Beauty's Beast books are wide-ranging fantasy adventures with elements from fairy tales and mythology incorporated.

Patrons will be able to suggest subjects to post about or ask questions about daily life for my characters, which I'll answer with a short fiction snippet.

Thanks for your time!
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It's long been a goal of mine to start my own podcast, and reaching this goal would enable me to buy the equipment. If I do start a podcast it would probably be a geeky movie talk show similar to the 100 days/100 movies posts on my blog. Like this one on Star Wars.
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