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About EHFilms

Hey gals and guys, I'm Aaron Arizpe, an award-winning independent filmmaker in Austin, Texas. I have a passion for bringing stories to life with a specialty for automotive cinematography.

The goal of this account is produce content which is indistinguishable from Hollywood productions and international studios. I love leaving goosebumps on my viewers - having them feel the film instead of simply watching it or say, "whoa, that was shot in Austin?". That is my inspiration for the work I do. 

Try as I might, creating content of this caliber isn't a part time job. And in order to keep up the level of quality, I need your help. I am truly grateful to have your support and the support of my friends and family. 

If this is your first time visiting my page, please sit back, and enjoy the ride!
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My first goal is to be able to record footage from those hard to reach places which means, tiny cameras and things to mount them on. Go-pros and suction cups are the go for this kind of work!
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