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About EJ Andrews

Hi! My name is Ethan James Andrews and I tell stories with comics, cartoons and illustrations.

On my Patreon page you can find my comics, occasional 'what's in my sketchbook' posts and for Patrons there's early access and more in depth process/behind the scenes posts for projects I'm working on.

My Projects - an overview

I'm currently working on a gay little slice-of-life webcomic strip called 'Tea is for Talking'. The one line blurb is: A couple live together, domesticity ensues, hot beverages are consumed.
There will be 31 strips in the arc I'm working on as well as a one-shot comic called 'Food is for Family' that will hopefully appear in 2019's Southbay Comickers Anthology.

I also have a finished one-shot comic called 'Falling', a 25 page comic about growing up and the falling that goes with it.
Just go into posts and look for the filter tag 'Falling'  : )

My other comics can be found on my website, though I do plan to post them here as well. These comics are part of annual anthologies put together by the Southbay Comics group starting in 2015. You can go to sbaycomics.com to check out the anthologies as well as the other artists in the group and their work!

Thank-you for taking the time to read the above!
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