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Sub-30 Second 3x3 Solver
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I will do my very best to make videos about/incorporating any video suggestions made to me. You can tell me what to do. Your name/username will be at the end of each video.
Sub-20 3x3 Solver
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Each Patron at this tier can suggest puzzles for me to purchase (no puzzles over $35. You can tell me what to buy. Also the rewards of the "sub-30" tier.
Sub-15 3x3 Solver
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Any reasonable suggestion for a video you give me, I will do (examples: tell me to buy a puzzle that costs less than $75, tell me to make almost any (interesting) video, etc.) I will also give a verbal shout-out in videos.




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About ETCubing

I'm ETCubing, a youtuber. My actual name is Ethan Woll. I am a speedcuber, puzzle shape mod designer, and puzzle collector. I opened a patreon because I only want fans that want to support my channel to actually donate (rather than annoying my fans with ads to get some funding). Any and all funds will go to the youtube channel and other cubing related things.
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I will buy better lighting for videos.
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