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-- Up Close And Personal --

Why We Gave Up Everything For YouTube

-- And Why You May Lose EWU Videos Forever -- 

What's up EWU CREW!,

Bob, Emma, Lily, Audrey, and Charles here! 

It's been a heck of a ride, and we wouldn't be here without you! Thank you so much for being a supporter, we wouldn't be here without YOU! We cannot thank you enough for all you have done!

Now it's time to see if you can help us can take this thing to another level!

But first let me give you ... 

A quick story, a devastating & unexpected turn of events (SPOILER: she almost died)

When we first started YouTube, we never imagined where it would lead. It wasn't until my wife of over 25 years had a medical emergency that nearly took her life that we decided go all in.

Here's what happened...  

One morning my wife stumbled out of bed to get ready for work but one of her eyes was drooping, her vision was impaired, and she didn't feel right. She felt so weird that she decided to take the day off and go to the hospital to figure out what was going on. 

After many tests and misdiagnosis, she finally had an MRI and we finally received some concrete information. I received the call from the hospital. I can remember it like it was yesterday ... 

The nurse on the other end of the line asked for my wife and said she needed my wife to immediately come to the ER, and that she should not drive herself there. After I confirmed that I was her husband, she informed me that my wife had a series of strokes and needed medical attention immediately. 

Now I had to make the dreadful call to my wife, whom was at work, and tell her the horrific news. I will never forget that sobering phone call, and I tried very hard to make it sound like it wasn't a big deal, even though I was fully aware of how dire the situation really was ...

But it was going to get worse, much worse

What followed was more testing, much more. After enduring months of testing, it was found that she actually had a series of 6 strokes, but they could not figure out the cause. 

One neurologist came to the conclusion my wife had a genetic disease and would probably not live for more than 10 years, with devastating dementia to follow. We here helpless and had no idea what to do. 

We went in for another opinion, and the new neurologist disagreed with the first, but we still had no definitive answers, and we still don't. We still have no definitive answer as to why she had six strokes on that fateful morning. 

How do you tell your kids their mom might die in the next 10 years? 

We were faced with the fact that our family of six, which included our recently born son, might be torn apart and we were helpless to do anything about it.

Time was running out for our family and we needed to ...

Make life changing decisions 

So there I sat, a father of 4, my wife just gave birth to my youngest son, and our future was all up in the air. Would our children soon lose their mother ... would I soon lose my lifelong companion? 

I had no idea what to do, where to go, or what to do next.

The only thing I knew is that I wanted to spend more time with my family as I had no idea how much time we all have left together. 

I would often find my wife sobbing over the realization that she may have to leave her babies forever. She wondered if our youngest would remember her when he got older. I had no answers ...

It was time to make a decision, we had to find a way to make sure our family would be able to continue on if the worst happened ...

It was do or die!

Through all the darkness, we had one thing going for us. We had been on YouTube for about a year or so when this all happened, and things were going fairly good. We weren't making enough money to support the family, but we were making enough know it was a viable option!

We decided to go all in on YouTube, which seemed crazy, but we had no other options!

It was a do or die situation, but even a "normal" job is a do or die situation as you never know if your company will go out of business. 

Our situation was much more dire and we needed to find a way to support the family in case the unthinkable happened. So we went all in and hit the road.

We needed every penny we could raise, so we decided to ...


In order to make ends meet, we had to sell everything of value in order to purchase what we would need to hit the road. 

I sold my drums, guitar, and gym, things that I loved and used daily, but we had not choice. 

The kids sold all their stuff too, but they were not forced to sell, but rather they were given the option to do so and they did. What we weren't able to sell fit into a tiny storage locker. 

We spent the next 6 weeks living in a tent at various parks while filming.

It was the worst of times and the best of times as we had everything we needed to survive, but we also liked having a real home, but at least we were able to make content and spend time together as a family!

We saved up enough money to move around and stay in AirBNBs while filming, which is actually pretty cheap if you pick the right locations and stay for at least a month at a time (pro tip, you can get a great monthly discount). 

Slowly, with your help. we have been clawing our way back into a somewhat normal life! You may not know this, but our Patreon has played a major part in reaching the dream! Every penny donated has been put back into making new content! 

These last few years have been an amazing ride, but we know that it could all end without more Patreon Support because right this second because YouTube holds all the cards and ...  

The content you love could disappear tomorrow!

Without your help, YouTube can make this channel disappear tomorrow! The rules change every single day, and it's an endless struggle to stay monetized.

But it doesn't have to be that way! You can help us protect the content you have come to love!

The videos you have come to love, missing persons, mysteries, etc, are slowly being demonetized and we have to jump through so many hoops to keep our videos monetized and profitable. 

The cold hard truth is, if the videos are not profitable, there is no way to fund their production!

Currently, we rely on YouTube advertising revenue to survive and we need to change that or our content will have to change dramatically. We will have to censor the most compelling facts about all the mysteries and missing persons cases we cover.

We need to make sure our future is in the hands of you, our viewers, so that we can continue to produce content you love for many years to come! 

With that out of the way, let's talk about how ...

The future depends on YOU

We are at a major crossroads, and the fate of the content you have grown to love now rests in your hands. 

We have heard you loud and clear, you want more on location mysteries, more missing persons, more adventure, but YouTube seems to be squeezing this content off their platform. 

We can only deliver this content with your help. 

Let me be brutally honest with you, we are literally one step away from no longer being able to produce the content you have come to love!

It's costing more and more to produce a single video due to all the costs associated with traveling to the locations.

Which is why we have decided to create this Patreon page after so many requested us too. 

Many have asked us to set up a way for you to support the cause, so we decided to set up this Patreon so you can ...

Make sure the content you love doesn't end!

Are you ready to help us take our content to the next level? Do you want to make sure the content you love continues to be produced? If so, please pick a tier now and help us make the best mystery content we can! 

With your help we have been able to cover countless missing persons cases, explore areas never seen on YouTube before, and so much more! We could not have done this without you! 

But there is something you may not have even considered. With your help ...


Seriously ... with your help we may be able to even solve some of the mysteries out there waiting for the EWU Crew!

Our goals are to get a travel trailer so that we can travel all across the US and cover endless mysteries and create endless content!

But we can't do this without ...


YouTube ad revenue is far too unpredictable to allow us travel to new locations to cover more mysteries. If YouTube decided to remove our revenue today, there will be no videos on location tomorrow. 

Unfortunately we love making videos for you on location, showing you the spot where it all happened. We love giving you a perspective view of where it all went down! Let's make sure we don't lose this amazing aspect of the videos!

Of course we could just do some sit down videos in our office, but we know that's not what you want!

You want to see these places first hand and get a real feel for what may have happened! We can only continue to provide this with your help!

So it's up to you whether we can continue to provide ...

Videos on location! 

Sadly, we are running out of local places to make new videos for you, but it doesn't have to be that way! We can only travel so far with our current budget and we are now reaching the point of diminishing returns where the videos are barely turning a profit, but it doesn't have to end! 

Even if half our viewers donated each $1.00 per month, we would be able to provide you fresh new content from all over the US for many years to come! 

You may be wondering how your support will be used, so let me show you ...

Where every single penny of the money goes

Every single penny we get from Patreon goes back into making content for you. 

For example, we used our most recent Patreon funds to pay for our trip to cover two missing persons cases about 150 miles away. It helped fuel our vehicle, pay for a hotel, and pay for the food the fuel our bodies! We could NOT have covered this trip financially without your support!

But we have bigger plans for our channel and that includes purchasing a travel trailer so we can spend more time on location to bring you better quality and more in depth mystery, adventure, and exploring videos!  

We want to buy a travel trailer so we can travel much further and stay on location for longer. This means more in depth content on location for you to enjoy. 

We would like to upgrade our equipment. This means higher quality videos for you to enjoy. 

So don't let YouTube shut us down, ...

Make sure the show goes on!

Can we take the power out of the hands of YouTube and put it into the hands of you, the viewer?

Only you can answer this question, but I have to tell you, it's not a good feeling having YouTube in control. 

YouTube demonetizes every video where we talk about the details of missing persons cases. This means you don't get all the information as we cannot afford to lose ad revenue. . 

So it's up to you if we will be able to continue to produce missing persons videos with all the facts included. YouTube has gotten crazy when it comes to demonetizing videos, and even saying dead bodies can get you demonetized! 

Just imagine if we didn't have to worry about being monetized on YouTube! We could give you all the facts and details of the cases we cover and produce videos exclusively for you! 

So now is your chance to give YouTube the middle finger and tell them that you're no longer going to allow them to dictate the content you want to watch!

But time is running out as we are having to shift our content to more "baby friendly" content to abide by the YouTube advertising guidelines. 

We always plan to remain family friendly, but YouTube guidelines are forcing us keep you from hearing details such as if someone may have committed suicide, been murdered, etc. It's really getting crazy on YouTube! 

But we can change all that NOW! 

So ...

Are you going to take back control?

It's time that you, the viewer, takes back control over the content you love. You're the only one who can change it! All creators in the same boat, so be sure to support all your favorite creators so they can continue to make the content you love. 

But the good news is if we aren't able to give YouTube the middle finger, we can just make very safe content without all the nitty gritty details that you love. We can make it happen, but we know that is not what you want! 

Are you ready?

Here is what you get as a Patreon

You get exclusive access to our Patreon page. Anyone dontating $5 or more will have access to our posts and are able to directly interact with the EWU Crew hosts!

You get to help influence the direction of the content. We will read every single post on our Patreon page and consider your suggestions. 

Depending on the tier you chose, you will get the recognition of being a financial supporter of the EWU Crew! 

You will be kept up to date on what we are currently up too with exclusive behind the scenes updates!

So what are you waiting for ... 

Let's go! 

Pick a tier and sign up today.

Even a $1.00 donation helps fuel the show!

Don't let this opportunity to give YouTube the middle finger slip away. It's your content, let's make sure it stays that way.
66% complete
UPDATE: Due to the FAA changing the rules and requiring more red tape to get a drone license, we have decided it's not worth all the work to get a drone. Instead we are focusing on a Travel Trailer (our next goal) so we can spend far more time out at the locations searching. 

Drone for missing persons and mystery videos. We will purchase a Mavic Pro as soon as we reach this goal.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 54 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 54 exclusive posts

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