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is creating A News agency that Keeps it News and Keeps it True!
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About Eagle Cry News Network

Who am I?
Hi, my name is John Wood. I created and run the Eagle Cry News Network! Currently an on the spot live broadcast from events laced with interviews from both sides. A show that prides itself Keeping it News and Keeping it true. Eagle Cry News does this by Investigating properly and fact checking. Unlike Mainstream media using bloggers and not fact checking. Sure, we all love to have news that’s concise and ahead of social media curve. But we shouldn’t allow facts to be lost at the expense of the competitive race to be the first to bring the news out. Eagle Cry News strives to become the place people rely on for facts and truth.

Personally, my goal is to build a News Agency as big as CNN but without the fake news, propaganda-based opinionized gossip it has become. Kirk Cameron on his page under, “Government by Town Meeting” stressed something that needs an ear regardless if you like his Christian Beliefs or not. “Americans across the nation are waking up to corruption at all levels of government. ­They are recognizing that we, as a people, will either govern ourselves or be driven into poverty and servitude by an all-powerful state.”

Could this be what happened during the 2016 Elections that the brainwashed puppets in the Matrix hopped off the blue pill and took the red pill? If that’s the case Eagle Cry News joins Candace Owens in taking the Red Pill and waking up to the fact that we are a people tired of fake news bent on propaganda. This won’t build over night, but it also won’t build without you.

What Will be done with your Monetary Contributions?
To begin growing this Network Agency we need more equipment and people. Below you will see the rewards for becoming a Patron and that’s how we’ll thank you for partnering with us. But furthermore we have goals. It’s with these goals that you will see a step by step what is planned with the funds that come in.

Our plan is to build up a new Main Stream Media Network that brings back the glory days of News when it was more about getting you the truth verses hoping to brain wash you with lies and propaganda. Will there be propaganda? Only in the sense that Eagle Cry News Network is a News Agency that vows to support and defend the Constitution of the United States of America. This isn’t going to be focused on supporting or attacking an individual. Eagle Cry News Network will simply be just that. An Agency that Keeps it News and Keeps it True!

Eagle Cry News Network humbly thanks all those who will partner with us in helping build a decent News Agency for once. And on top of helping provide a stability and safety net for the crew by supporting us you will allow us to add more to our equipment, crew members, and content created for you.
Giggles one of our reporters likes to report on the fly like any field reporter. When at Freedom News Giggles was seen catching local fires and bringing up to date information when he could. With your support it’s our goal to bring him out more regularly and to bring updated conclusions to stories brought to our attention. We also plan to add to his ability to improve the quality of the content created. To go from a Budding Amateur to a professional journalist. As you become a Partner with us we will take suggestions including on rewards you’d like to see.

Please Note: This undergoing experiment is massive so every suggestion you offer to help will be taken in high review.

Heads up product rewards are put on order 12 at a time. Not only Will they not be rewarded until payment is recieved. Helping push towards the goals quicker all items are reserved until a minimum of 12 can be purchase. 

Eventually as time comes I'll add a video for the About me. Again bare with me as this is blooming quicker than planned. Goals and rewards are subject to changes, but everyone will be informed. Thanks again for understanding.  For legitimacy and accountability there Will be a legal department to EAGLE CRY NEWS NETWORK.  
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We'll update everyone on where we are and where we're headed next. 
Logistics is primarily always the first goal. 

  • The trademark cost for registering with a paper application is currently $600 per class of goods or services.
  • The website I'm using for incorporating Will get LLC, EIN, Business license, and State license for $300. 
  • But there are also copyright and motion picture licensing which Will free us to use another's content. Membership includes a database filled with stuff permitted to use. (Cost unknown currently.)
  • Press passes per journalist is $108 initially and a prorated  $48 per year after.  
The above gives you an idea of the expenses of building this right. Please know there Will be a lot of goals even if we don't list them all right now. Let's reach our current goals and build from there. 
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