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Hey everyone, you may know me as a beginning streamer, from IG, or from being top Destiny 2 Rumble player on Xbox. In order to improve my content for you guys I kinda need some help. Any donations will be greatly appreciated. 
$0 of $4,150 per month
Before I start, just know the $4150 goal is just the one time goal. I won't need that goal anymore after it is done. Thank you in advanced.

Things I need in order to improve content for you all:
-New and better PC(since everything is currently being ran on my trash laptop).

-New video and music software(I'm currently doing all of my edits on my phone... Very unprofessional...).

-Need a new TV and Xbox One X for a way better video quality for everyone(currently on a small TV with a standard Xbox One).

-Need a new Xbox One controller(the one I currently have is falling to pieces and I'm not sure how much longer that will last..).

-Need a new headset for both standard Xbox play and for my streaming(my current headset tweaks out from time to time).

-Need a new gaming chair(because it's very difficult playing while standing all the time).

-Need a good quality camera for my streams so everyone can see who I am(don't have one currently).

-Need a new gaming desk(the one I have now is a bit small and I virtually have no room for stuff).
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