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is creating the plan to financially self-sustain coastal & reef restoration

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Support our ongoing effort to create a viable coastal restoration centered reefing business that can help change the conversation. By Signing Up, you'll help us gain official NPO status so we can start developing net+impact food production systems that resist all types of disasters.

(EasyReefers is a means to this end)

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Available most nights.

Help with anything, pretty much.

Fish tank problems, car problems, family problems, psychological problems... anyone with questions regarding bizarre spiritual topics, welcome.

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This is for new viewers who wish to show their support by helping us provide informative and entertaining videos at http://www.youtube.com/c/easyreefers/

Thank you all for your contributions.

I will add benefits, such as private streams, as I learn more about how Patreon works :)

There is some way I can improve notifications with this, apparently, so ill see what I can do.

Easy Reefers' Maddness Members
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Important: Specify if you do or do not have a REEF AQUARIUM and live INSIDE THE US.

If you DO, your "Reefing Madness" package will 

include: 1- Hollywood Stunner Chalice Frag

               1- Soft Coral (Kenya or Tonga tree)

               1- Codium Sp. low-light macroalgae

               1- Caulerpa Prolifera (wavey seagrass)

Note: These items can only be shipped within the continental United States.

If you DO NOT own a reef aquarium or live outside

 of the continental United States, your package will 

include: 1- DropBox link to the entire "Mirrors" Album, featuring the Easy Reefers' Theme Song: "Sunshine & Rain", & including a personalized thank you video from Sean & Keyra.

               1- Diagram of any requested object or concept, mythical, physical, or otherwise -to the best of my ability. (this may exclude business-related items)

               1- Silly Song about you to be played live on your choice of related channels.

               1- Personalized Coastal Restoration postcard 




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Thank you for visiting the Easy Reefers' Patreon Page!
Here you can become a member and show your support for the Easy Reefers' Coastal Restoration Club on YouTube.
We provide viewers with entertainment and advice from a 30 year reefing & aquaculture veteran while educating our viewers about the value of coastal and reef restoration. Our main objectives are to establish a financially self-sustaining center for mass-cultivation of mangrove trees and other vital components for coastal restoration, and to encourage our viewers and other participants to realize how a home reef aquarium can help teach themselves and others about environmental imperatives near them - making the impact we are having a topic of conversation while encouraging people that they can make a difference.
We're new to Patreon, but we look forward to exploring how they can help benefit you, our supporters, so please...  SIGN UP NOW :)
Thank you for your continued support.
-Sean Morris
Founder: Easy Reefers' Coastal Restoration Club (of science and silliness)
$0 of $2,800 per month
Once we get there, construction should begin within a year. I've spent 7 years planning this. Now I am ready to get the ball rolling on a diverse array of live-saving solutions, supported by marine hobbyists and YouTube viewers. If we can get this done, all members of more than one year will be invited to a big celebration. We're going to start at the center, and take a shuttle fan out to New Orleans, where I will show you how the locals party... yes... I am saying, if we get this done... I will actually drink alcohol again, just to amuse you all.
Thanks for visiting this page and please don't underestimate this opportunity or the value it offers.
-Sean Morris
(host of Easy Reefers on YouTube)
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