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is creating EcoArt and Art resources
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Tutorials and Ecoart
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  • Help us to spread the word about how to save our planet by creating art resources as bases and line arts free to use. 
  • Tutorials about art creation (In several techniques and formats) and how to improve in doing commissions , giving more professional service to your costumers and advertising your work.
  • Suggest the content you wish to be made!
  • Your name in credits,
Fursuit funding.
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  • All above rewards.
  • $7 goes to the fursuit maker in question.
  • Funding  works first-come-first-serve.
Personalized teaching
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  • $13 goes to the fursuit maker in question.
  • All above rewards.
  • Personalized attention in your improvement as an artist!




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About EatenRibs' funding

This Patreon  won't be used any longer due to lack of support and time, Patreon was not made for me , so please if you want to donate use any of the following:
If you want to see all what you can buy from me, check this link out:
Commission info and products

Current person being funded:Alderdeen
He was the first person that took interest in the project but he had to pay other stuff  to the gov. So I could finally live with him, I am pretty much doing his characer´s head when I have free time and is why is taking so  long.  Total raised so far: $30
Help getting our pilot project finished to  have commissions open and create more resources for fursit makers that care for our planet!

Fur The Earth

I am EatenRibs and this is Ella and we are artists who are concerned about how the industry has implemented synthetic materials in almost everything, even making us believe that a plastic fur is better for animals when it actually is killing more.

From our research plastic fibers from clothes and costumes, especially fursuits; wash up reaching the sewers and eventually rivers, lakes and the sea, increasing the acidity of water, intoxicating animals and increasing the world temperature.

Finding and contrasting this data can be done researching on Internet even by you, this is a sad truth that must change and you can help. Humans need to learn about this and also having the option to buy a eco-friendly product . Often, ecological products are more expensive and this is why we decided to start this campaign.

We have tried to find furry fabric for costumes made out of cotton or any other natural fibers but is seems to not exist, specially here in Guatemala and Israel so we decided to buy organic cotton yarn from Tinte Maya and making it ourselves! But competing with the time and cost a machine can save is almost impossible. If you donate, you will be supporting this fabric which will also lead to cheaper fursuits and helping the environment. Believe it or not the world is in critical danger.

First we must do some testing but we work a lot on drawing and this leaves us little time to do that. Any support is welcome!

How it works?

Want to obtain this cotton fur instead of nylon fur? E-mail us to [email protected] or via Telegram: @AceBright and depending on how much you need we will set up a goal under your name with the amount needed to cover the costs so you can obtain it at the same price of nylon fur  ( About  USD$20 per yard).

We hope that soon this fabric be more accessible to us all but by now we have to start somewhere!

What else are you creating?

  • Free-to-use bases and line art related to ecology, poses, characters , scenes, etc.
  • Tutorials about art creation as techniques, developing own-style, composition, etc.
  • Tutorials about how to become a more professional artist who does commissions for life and provide a better experience to costumers.
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To earn enough for Ella´s mini-partial within some months of donations we will reach $100 and I will be finishing his costume parts from the first donation,won´t wait until we have it all so you can feel more secure about this donation system.
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